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Hey There! I’m Kayden Also know as VegasAviation. I’m the Leading Board Member of Southwest Virtual! Here at Southwest Virtual, we provide the best flights at the lowest fares across the infinite flight community. We have an amazing group of pilots who are always up for fun and always enjoy participating in community events and VA Events. Our Staff Members work diligently to make sure that this VA is running smoothly, Also to add to that all the staff members are always open to chat even if it is not about the airline, Here at Southwest it’s all about “Luv” that’s what runs our airline! I consider the airline more like a big family of aviation enthusiasts!


Apr. 16 2017

Began Operations


Active Pilots


Diverse Routes



Here at southwest virtual, we are very involved with the Infinite Flight Community! On any given month, we sponsor two to three community member made events, driving attention to them, and tightening our bond with community members. In addition to that, we also have occasional internal events, to gut the full southwest Virtual experience. On these flights, you can meet our top executives in the air, and hang out and get to know our most well-known community members.


The next event we are hosting is Huge Las Vegas Fly-out! event by @Delta18 and Southwest Virtual. This event has some Southwest Virtual staff and pilots attending. The event will be on Sunday, June 7th on the Expert Server! If you aren't sure about joining grab a gate and experience what flying with a community like this is all about! If you want us to sponsor your event, fill out this form.




Alaska Virtual has been a partner with Southwest virtual and is an excellent addition when you get tired of flying the Southwest fleet. They feature a variety of routes short and long that help brings diversity to the airline.

For more information on the Alaska Virtual website, click here.




@VegasAviation - SWVA25

VegasAviation or Kayden, as he is known in our slack is the CEO of Southwest Virtual and oversees all work in the virtual airline. He is the go-to person for any job that needs doing.


@harmondrew465 - SWVA795

harmondrew465 or Andrew, as he is known in our slack is the COO of Southwest Virtual and oversees all work in the virtual airline with Kayden, and is responsible for all pilot reports and activity checks.

Events Director

@BigBert10- SWVA100

Big Bert is the Events Director of Southwest Virtual and manages all events in the virtual airline. He is also a big advocate for bay area airports outside of SFO, especially SJC.

HR Officer

@Kaleb_Jordan- SWVA3187

Kaleb is the HR Officer here at Southwest Virtual. He is able to answer anything and everything about our operations. He is super friendly and an easy person to work with.

Training Director

@samueltherohtlaan- SWVA137

Samuel is the Training Director for Southwest Virtual. He is capable of helping any pilot that may not be sure of themselves and can get them set on the right path. Samuel uses google classroom and is eager to help anyone in the community.


@Suhas_Jatla- SWVA237

Suhas is one of two amazing people on the recruiting team here at Southwest Virtual. Chances are you will talk with him when you apply before you even get accepted into the VA. Suhas will happily guide you around as you get your feet set.


@captainbaez- SWVA15

Captain (Joshua) Baez as he is known in our slack is the other half of the recruitment team that keeps Southwest Virtual running! If you haven't talked to Suhas, then you've met Joshua on your way into the VA! He will also happily show you around and get you acquainted with everyone here at Southwest Virtual.

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